I have tested opensky using Hauppauge card Wintv DVB-s model 580.

Pointing dish
I have used a program called "satpos" to know elevation/positionning of the dish towards Eutelsat W3 at 7 deg East.
I have used "sdb" to perfect alignment of the dish (see http://www.home.zonnet.nl/panteltje/satellite/index.html) next the use of tunning channels with a program such vdr, can help you to receive better more, you will be able to listen something from the satellite, like tv-Polonia, RFI, or others can be tune using data from http://www.lyngsat.com to be exact.

First of all go to the opensky web server (www.opensky.eutelsat.com)
to register as a beta tester.(beta phase limited to 300 MB/month).

Then, you can download:
DVB driver for kernel < 2.4.x from http://linuxtv.org (such as dvb-0.8.0).
dvbd3, with a patch made by A. Boros.
(posted before, on linux-dvb@linuxtv.org)

Don't worry, just follow his instructions to apply the patch.



edit your /etc/dvbd.conf.
You will find parameters, at the end:
filter_0 that can allow you to receive unicast signal, when you use netscape.
filter_1 again an unicast filter but with your hardware address of the dvb card as parameter.

filter_0 3003
filter_1 3003 00:D0:xx:xx:xx:xx 48 (your real mac address, you can obtain after loading dvb drivers typying ifconfig dvb0)
3003 is the PID to use for unciast with opensky
48 is valid_MAC_bytes.

dvbd.conf includes other good explainations.
If your are behind a router, this configuration won't work (I was in this case). A. Boros notices that:

"Everybody is behind a router, a router simply routes packets. The special case where this service won't work is if the router is a masquerading firewall (your case) which changes the packets that go through it. A simple router will just forward it. Another case where DVB IP might break could be if the router performs NAT (Network Address Translation)."

Modem must be on the same machine, see other document if you are not
in this case, for example: http://obiwan.hvrlab.org/~faz/eon/eon_masq.html

--network stuff:
Other thing to do: all dvb rp_filter in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/ must be set at 0, example: echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/'interface'/rp_filter

The truth hour

Launch dvbd, you will see like:
Fsync = 0, Freq = 1512300000, Sync = 127 Afc = 1718750 Agc = 143 Nest = 22784 Vber = 1904

Point web browser https compatible to https://sdr.eutelsat.net
enter login/password with netscape, this done, the proxy configuration is enable, (if java activated) but with another, and for the interested person, proxy.eutelsat.net:8080 is to put it into environmental variable to use wget or other.

In a shell:
ping proxy.eutelsat.net

If you are lucky, there's 0% loss : )
With an average near 450 ms.
You can also see if you receive packets from dvb0 typying:
tcpdump -i dvb0

If you set only uincast filter, you will see only your data.
But with multicast one, much more.

On good site bandwidth and large files, you can obtain more than 70 KB/s. ( screenshots available ! )